Monday, October 20, 2008

Bring on the apple pickin' =)

Today we went to Sky Top orchard in North Carolina and picked a peck of apples. =) Emma loved grabbing the half-rotten ones off the ground and mixing them in our bucket. But don't worry we threw them out before they got overlooked. 
I personally, have never been apple picking before so it was a fun first experience. It was kind of chilly but after we were done bagging up our apples we stood in line for some warm homemade apple cider doughnuts. mmmmmmmm....they were soooooo good!


Nana's Nest said...

Oh my goodness! We must have passed each other along the way. We took a drive to see "FALL" up Hwy 25 to Hendersonville and drove down the moutain through was a pretty day uh!
Looking over your blog: Emma's party was so adorable! Great job!
And where was the secret garden at? Or is that a secret;-)

Blankenship said...

That is funny we probably just missed each other. =)
The secret garden is downtown Greenville. Emma had so much fun there! I can't tell you exactly how to get there but I'm sure if you googled Greenville's Children's Garden you'll find directions. It's worth a trip.