Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some updated pictures

Yesterday we went scouting around South Carolina and found some pretty neat places. First off we went to Campbell's covered bridge. The best preserved covered bridge in S.C. Then we went to Strawberry Hill Farm and got some peaches and blackberries since strawberries aren't in season now. Chase wanted a pie so I put together a blackberry and peach one. I'll post the recipe later. It's really runny...(more like cobbler consistency) but really yummy! We also drove down main street in Chesnee and found a chopper that was placed beside an American legion building so we just had to stop and take a couple pictures of it. : ) It was such a fun afternoon and the kids were really well behaved. Emma doesn't really like naps anymore (although we still make her take them) she didn't mind 'exploring' and Luke slept most the time. So, hooray for a fun family outing. 

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