Sunday, October 18, 2009

Princess party

We had Emma's official birthday party on Saturday. All the little girls came as princesses and Luke was Gus Gus...from Cinderella. We tried as best we could to get a group picture of all the kiddos and here is the best one we could get! ; ) I made Emma a castle cake since that's the only thing she kept telling me she wanted for her bday. It was fun to make though!


Rebekah said...

Awwww I remember having a cinderella birthday party when I was little... Your blog is so cute and encourageing I've enjoyed it very much!

Blankenship said...

Thanks! I don't think I've met you but I saw that you know Arminda. How did you guys meet? Did you go to Spain on a missions trip or something?

Jonathan & Jennifer said...

¡Happy birthday Emma! God bless you. Have a nice week! bye