Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first attempt at sewing a dress for Miss Emma

I got a sewing machine from my awesome husband for Christmas this year. I finally had time to sit down and use it this last week. Emma has been outgrowing her dresses and I wasn't finding any in the stores that she liked. When did my 3 year old start being picky about what dress she wears?! Anyway!...I took her to Hobby Lobby and she chose some material that she liked. She calls this one her lollipop dress. =) I still have one more to go but they will be the same pattern. My Mom helped me by making the pattern and reminding me how to make button holes. I know I learned this in my sewing class 5 years ago but that was a long time ago. ;o)

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Stephanie said...

This turned out really cute. I love the fabric that Emma picked out:)