Friday, April 23, 2010

The container dilemma

I bought a pot at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago when they were all 50% off. I had no idea what to plant in it though! I really don't have a 'green thumb' but I don't always kill the things I plant. =) After having an empty pot on our porch for several days, I got the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens in the mail. On the cover it said "so pretty, so easy" "Dazzling containers to dress up your patio"...and I thought, perfect!! For their basic design they said to remember three words "THRILLER, SPILLER, and FILLER. They have many creative ideas for containers here.
I put Begonias, Swedish ivy and Goldilock filler in my container. I needed plants that would survive in a mainly shaded area and these are perfect! Here is a picture of one of their containers and then my version. It's not as complicated as I thought! Thanks to BHG for their advice!

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