Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Recommendation

I enjoy browsing around and trying out Ree's delicious recipes at Just recently Ree Drummond (the author of 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks' and 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels') released a children's book. I was excited about this one! I love to read books with my kids before bedtime and am always looking for good reads. 'Charlie The Ranch Dog' has been a huge hit with my Emma and Luke. It's endearing, funny and almost makes me want to have a basset hound added to our own family! ;) I've even been thinking about what old man names would best fit a dog...(if we were to actually get one). Winston, Earl, Hubert and Stanley are some of the runner's up. :)
P.S If you go to this month, Ree reads her story online for free! Check it out!

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Kim said...

lOVE your new blog layout/design. :)