Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Pottery Barn Knock Off

I love looking through Pottery Barn kids magazines. The price tags aren't so fun, though. Like the price on this adorable bed canopy for a girl's room. ($99.00)
A good friend of mine made a knock off one for her daughter's room and it turned out so cute! I asked her if she could help me pull one off for my daughter's bed. By the can check her blog out at

My friend said she found a petal pattern online. She blew it up larger and printed it off. Here is an example of one off Google images. You need 9 little petals and 9 large ones.

You'll need an embroidery hoop, 9 yards or so of tulle ( depending on how long you want it), 2 yards of pink fabric, 1 yard of green fabric, thread.

I sewed all the petals sides together and then added the button holes on the tips of the petals. Then you can hang them all around the hoop using a little leftover tulle as 'rope'.

You have to 'break' the hoop in one spot to be able to feed the tulle around the hoop after sewing about a couple inches all the way around. Then you can wrap tape around the hoop to seal it up. Tie some tulle in 3 strips around the hoop and then attach the top of the petals and layer them around as desired.
Here is the final outcome. Thanks LeAnn for all your help with this project!


mymaddyclaire said...

Love it! It looks great in her room!

Blankenship said...

Thanks!! =) I couldn't have done it without your help!