Friday, January 13, 2012

Desk makeovers, bulletin boards and homeschool fun!

So, remember back in September of last year, I posted about finding this beauty here? =)

Well, then we had to move across the country before I could put everything together that I had envisioned but finally it's finished and looks more like this:

After a good paint job and hardware from Anthropologie, the desk was finished. Then I bought a $10 dollar bulletin board at Target and got the square shelves and chair from Ikea.
The bulletin board needed some help, though. I realized why it was so cheap...the cork came off very easily. My good friend LeAnn over at The Modest Homestead had a post last month about a fabric covered bulletin board that I thought was absolutely adorable. I tweaked it just a tad and instead of covering the whole bulletin board with fabric so the border didn't show I used upholstery tacs right up against the border.

I love the finished look! It's so easy to staple or tape things to her bulletin board now and I don't have to worry about the cork peeling off. =) Thanks LeAnn!

Now, the really fun part. It's January but Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to try to find a bulletin board idea that I could at least leave up til March or so. I found a cute idea at First Grade Blue Skies for a Snowology bulletin board. And the snowman or should I say...girl...was wearing red, so I thought it would be cute for Valentines as well. =)

Basically, 'snowology' is a term to describe anything that has to do with snow. So, I posted different facts about snow like their unique shapes and texture. I added a little history lesson about the worst blizzard that Colorado has seen...since (1913), cautions about the snow, and some fun facts, too.

Now when this school year started I did not own a laminator or a Cricut but now I see how useful these things are for creating bulletin boards. My free-hand abilities were not 'cutting' it. No pun intended. ;) I found a good deal on a mini Cricut and love it. It will cut any shape out for you and I liked this model because I only do occasional scrapbooking and school projects. I used it for making the letters in snowology and the informational flashcards.
Then I laminated everything so it would be sturdier and last longer. I used the laminator pictured below. You can find one on Amazon for about 20 bucks give or take.

Now, I'm really excited about future bulletin board and home school projects. ;)

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LeAnn-The Modest Homestead said...

Love it! It turned out so cute! That Crikut looks like it would come in handy for lots of things! The whole set up looks great!

Kim said...

I love it, too! You're inspiring me to get Chloe's bulletin board set up!

Except, being a CriCut lover, I had to correct your spelling - for no other reason than you'll get a little better SEO out of it.

(how do you like that? I just made Chris really happy saying 'SEO' - search engine optimization)

I'm so happy you got a Cricut!! What cartridges do you have for it right now?

I love your giant snowgirl, too. I think being where you are, it'll DEFINITELY be appropriate for awhile. ;)

Blankenship said...

Grrr...I had corrected that spelling a few days ago...but I guess I forgot to save it or I just looked at the preview...haha. Thanks for the heads up. =)

Blankenship said...

And Emma is super bummed we haven't had snow in a while. It was 57 degrees today!! Crazy. We've been going to the park and wearing short sleeves. Totally loving this weather. Hopefully we'll get snow soon enough.