Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random snapshots from last week

I just had to put this picture of Emma sleeping in her crib. A few weeks ago she was really sick. The pediatrician said she had a viral infection and she was just miserable. There was a rash all over her body and she was sleeping all day everyday, for a week practically. Anyway, during that week she grew attached to this duck. One night she woke up at 3am screaming quack, quack! quack, quack! And I went into her room and she was pointing to her stuffed animal. I gave it to her and she settled back down instantly. Weird! I don't know why she decided she couldn't sleep without him all of the sudden.
The other picture was last Sunday night. She still has some supper on her face. :)

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Ben and April said...

I love sleeping pictures! All my kids are super attached to their blankets, and Patrick and Katie always have to sleep with an animal.