Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sav-Mor Sidewalk Sale

Every two weeks  the Sav-Mor on Wade Hampton Blvd. has a sidewalk sale. I just found out about this last month and we got some incredible deals! Besides Starbucks coffee and lots of organic food there are all kinds of name brand items. You fill a 'banana' box as full as you want and only pay $6.00. You can get more than one box. Here is a picture of this weeks bargains.


Ben and April said...

Good job! I have been meaning to go, but wasn't able to make it this week! I will definitely go next time!

I have been enjoying reading your blog. Glad you started posting more!

Charles Blankenship said...

Ok...if I leave a comment it will say Charles...but it's me.. (rachel) haha
Yeah...I just found out about the Sav-mor deal! It's kind of hard though because Chase works Saturday mornings and I go by myself with Emma. I hold her and push the box with my foot. It's a workout!! I wish I could get more than one box but with Emma it's impossible. One of these days I'll get a babysitter. ha!