Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of Kindergarten

Today was an important day at our house. Our daughter started K5. =) She was beyond excited. I was trying to come up with some art projects and special traditions to make her first day of school, special. One of my favorite websites, pinterest, had a lot of ideas to try....too many to choose from, really. =)
But we decided to try our hand at a framed crayon initial and a giant cookie to celebrate the day. I also found many bulletin board ideas here. I'll post the diy on the cookie and crayon initial in other posts.

The original gumball bulletin board read: 'Wel-Gum to First Grade!' and it had all the names of the students in the gumballs. Since we are homeschooling, I tweaked it a bit. We couldn't just have one gumball in the machine! =) I wrote down some sight words that Emma will be learning in Reading/Phonics class for each piece of gum.

The crayon initial adds some bright color to her desk. ;)

We have already put this ikea easel to good use during the school hour and little brother also likes to wander into the school room and scribble on the white board side. =)

And one of Emma's favorite parts of today was baking this gigantic cookie! It was definitely fun to make. I think we may keep this tradition for first days of school later on.

Looking forward to this first year of school with my little girl!

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mymaddyclaire said...

So adorable!! I love everything! You make homeschooling look so much fun!