Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrifty school desk makeover

I had visions of this Land of Nod "Walden white desk hutch" for my daughter's school room. She is starting K5 this year and I wanted to have an area for her to be able to do her schoolwork and have everything organized.

This desk looked perfect! It has plenty of storage space, plus a bulletin board and wall shelves above. But then I took a look and the price tag and everything changed. There is no way we have $700.00 to spend on a desk right now. So instead of breaking the bank I began hunting for the perfect desk at thrift stores.

I found a great desk a couple weeks ago. It was originally $120 but they had just marked it down to $40.00! Now we're talkin'!!! =) I started by sanding the whole thing down with a tougher grain sand paper and then bought some Valspar paint with primer already mixed in. I gave it a first coat and then used a very fine grain sand paper in between coats to smooth out the finish. Then I painted my last coat and added the hardware.

We took a special trip to Anthropologie and my daughter picked out some light pink crystal knobs for her drawers. An added plus was that they were on clearance as well!

I bought a bulletin board at Target for $10.00 and I'm going to paint the frame to match the desk. I also found the perfect wall shelves to hang above the bulletin board at Ikea (love that store!!). Those were $14.99 a piece. Let's calculate here: desk, paint, sand paper, knobs, bulletin board, 3 wall storage cubbies = $148.00 A far cry from $700.00!! I love it when a thrifty plan comes together. =) I'll do one more post when I have it all put together. I'm still waiting on the shelves to get in.

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